Jul. 29, 2017

Six Years on

She appears most days,
in my thoughts and dreams, my imaginings
usually fine - sometimes a jolt

Fixed in age never changing
would be thirty-two - still twenty six
going on twenty-seven

A part disbelieves she was ever here,
out there - not returning - out there - never gone.
my heart collapses, I reach breaking point

Throat catches, chest heaves, eyes ache,
stopped in my tracks again -
a permanently disabling condition

Latest comments

25.11 | 22:15

Grief is experience through the mundane. Simple but powerful. The accompanying image really compliments the poem.

07.11 | 11:14

Hi Peter,

A great observation! Social media can be a scary place... I also need to reduce my time there



06.11 | 16:24

A great one, Peter, in the context you describe. I don't read social media myself, I doubt my equilibrium could stand it. 'The balance of his mind disturbed' yes, I think it would be.

06.11 | 15:59

Yes, gossip is a weapon of mass destruction.

In my business as well as personal life I have zero tolerance.

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