Jan. 1, 2019

Instruction to Self

Every year, at this time, most of us think about the next years: What we might like to do, how we might like to be, make plans for the future. One of the recurring items on my annual list is to build a meditation practice, along with building a habit of writing regularly. It has had very mixed results. During this year, I started a piece, a note to self, so I thought I would share it with you. 

Instruction to Self

Lower yourself onto a cushion,
cross your legs in Indian style.
Gently rock into position,
sit erect and wait awhile.

Breathe quite deeply from the belly,
let the outside world slip slide.
Cover eyes with eyelids, slowly,
focus inward, downward glide.

Around the house grandchildren play,
their noise intrudes from down below.
Draw their sounds into the fray
do not resist their verbal flow.

Project a painting on the eyelids,
Blue-green abstract, faintly drawn.
Pay attention to a small piece,
magnify till the shape is gone.

Feel your body now relaxing,
blocks and strains replaced with calm.
Place your whole self at that viewing,
hold the stillness, sense the balm.

Peter Clarke 2018

Latest comments

25.11 | 22:15

Grief is experience through the mundane. Simple but powerful. The accompanying image really compliments the poem.

07.11 | 11:14

Hi Peter,

A great observation! Social media can be a scary place... I also need to reduce my time there



06.11 | 16:24

A great one, Peter, in the context you describe. I don't read social media myself, I doubt my equilibrium could stand it. 'The balance of his mind disturbed' yes, I think it would be.

06.11 | 15:59

Yes, gossip is a weapon of mass destruction.

In my business as well as personal life I have zero tolerance.

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