Learning with a New Web Host

Suddenly I am back in primary school, moving from first class in the convent with the nuns to second class with the Christian Brothers and it is terrifying. From a dummy proof web builder, to his megalithic edifice and I have no clue. So I have no idea how this page will turn out. Damn I am too old for this.

I have offered a painting by Leger to confirm my confusion becauw my poem for this page is about the Turner exhibition at the National Gallery in Dublin. This time I definitely need feedback about this whole adventure. Spread the word that I am crying for help in my new adventure of the web page building world.



An ubiquitous travelling painter

his metier in light and dark


Canvasses of intense colour

paper sketches of vaguest images


A man forever making work

building an immense collection


We sit walk peer through his eyes

Touched  in every sense open to his senses


Peter  Clarke

30th November 2022