A Golden Era

31st August 2023


“How did that happen” is a catch phrase of our grandchildren. Almost in the blinking of an eye, fifty years have passed since our wedding. How did that happen with such speed. The humps and bumps of adverse fortune have passed. Changes unimaginable have occurred, and here we are together. Still having something to say to each other; still able to make jokes and have fun; still able to enjoy whatever is on offer. I am beyond grateful, and this prompted the piece below. The illustration was commissioned by our daughter, Sorcha, with a contribution of pebbles collected by me, unknowingly, in the South of France where we spend a lot of time. It represents all of us present and not. A wonderful gift.

Meditation on Lives Melded Together


This day your dad walked you down the long aisle,

freesia adorned, silk gowned;

placed us side by side where we have been

for fifty years, and so we are golden together.


We created warm homes, delightful children;

had a myriad paths of labour, sufficient wealth,

gifted to grow each other. We were also battered

by unbearable loss, and serious threats of health.


In the way that the soft metal of gold

reshapes to its new order, so did we.

Into the melting pot of change, poured out

into re-formed ways of living.


We relish the affection of our grandchildren,

in the new quarters of the no longer our home;

are sun kissed in our Med hideaway;

talk, laugh, love, are grateful for our given days


All told, we are reshaped well together.

Joyeux anniversaire d'or mon amour.


Peter Clarke

25th August 2023


Pebble Art by Love & Pebbles